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First Nations Drinking Water Settlement

The claims period is closed. The Administrator is now processing claims submitted on or before March 7, 2024.  

About the Settlement

On December 22, 2021, the Courts approved a Settlement between Canada and certain First Nations and their members who were subject to a drinking water advisory that lasted at least one year between November 20, 1995 and June 20, 2021. 

The Settlement includes compensation for individuals and Impacted First Nations subject to a drinking water advisory during this timeframe, along with commitments to fund the construction, operation, and maintenance of infrastructure to help Class Members enjoy regular access to safe drinking water in their homes. 

What Do I Need to Know?

Wondering what happens after you submit a claim?

There are several steps to the claims process.

Wondering how compensation is determined?

There are three different types of compensation included in the Settlement. Find out which one applies to you.  

Was your First Nation recently added to the Settlement 

You may still be able to apply for compensation.  

Is your claim missing information?

Please update the Adminstrator so they can assess your claim.

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