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Step 1: Getting ready

There are different ways claims can be prepared, completed and submitted.

  1. Check to see who can submit a claim to see if your First Nation (Band Council) has submitted a Band Council Confirmation list. If they have, you can choose to participate as part of the Impacted First Nation (Band Council) Claim or submit an Individual Claim.
  2. If you are applying for Specified Injuries, then you must submit an Individual Claim Form.
  3. If you are applying as a representative on behalf of a person under disability or on behalf of a loved one who has died, you must submit a Representative Claim Form.
  4. Individual Claim Forms will take precedence over information provided on a Band Council Confirmation list.
  5. There are different options available to submit a claim. Review the best one for your situation. If you need help, use the Claims Assessment Tool or contact the Administrator.
  6. Access free support through Class Counsel, the Administrator, wellness resources, community resources and frequently asked questions to be sure you understand the claims process. Your community also has resources available.

Step 2: Completing a claim

I am looking to complete a claim as…


An Impacted First Nation (Band Council) Class Member


An Individual Class Member


A representative of an Individual Class Member

You can choose how to complete your claim. Your options include:

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Impacted First Nations (Band Council) Claims

Impacted First Nation(s) (Band Council) Class Members must submit a Band Council Acceptance Resolution to join the settlement. The deadline for submission of a Band Council Acceptance Resolution is March 7, 2023.

Impacted First Nations who submit a Band Council Acceptance Resolution may choose to submit a Band Council Confirmation list. This is a list of community members who were subject to the long-term drinking water advisory or advisories. This list will include important information for individuals to receive compensation. Individuals should check with their Band Council to see if they are on that list.

As an individual, you can submit a Claim Form even if your First Nation (Band Council) does not submit a Band Council Acceptance Resolution – the Individual Claim Form will take precedence. If Band Councils choose not to submit the Band Council Confirmation list, individuals must submit a Claim Form to receive compensation.

  • You must submit your Band Council Acceptance Resolution by the March 7, 2023 deadline to receive compensation for your First Nation.
  • The Administrator will contact the Band Council to assist with this process.
  • First Nations (Band Councils) do not need to agree to the settlement. However, individuals can still apply for compensation.
  • Impacted First Nations (Band Councils) can choose to submit a Band Council Confirmation list which will provide compensation for eligible individuals in their community. This list must include specific details for everyone, including:
    • Band Membership Number or Indian Status Card number
    • Full name of resident (required)
    • Periods ordinarily resident on First Nation land (required)
    • Last known address
    • Date of birth (required)
    • Other contact information (if available)
    • For minor children, the full name of the legal guardian/parent, their relationship to the minor child and mailing address, if different from the person representing the minor child (required)

Individual Claim

You can complete and submit an Individual Claim if you are eligible and over the age of 18.

  • Only one Individual Claim Form per Individual Class Member will be accepted.
  • Detailed instructions and a checklist to help you complete the claims process are included in the Individual Claim Form. ​
  • You only need to submit one Individual Claim Form even if you lived in multiple eligible Impacted First Nation(s) or experienced multiple injuries.
  • Specified Injuries – Individuals seeking compensation for Specified Injuries must submit an Individual Claim Form even if their First Nation has submitted a Band Council Confirmation list.
  • Specified Injuries – Individuals seeking compensation for Specified Injuries must include the name and type of health practitioner who they tried to get treatment from or who provided treatment for their injuries. This can include Traditional Healers, Elders, Knowledge Keepers, Community Health Providers or Health Care Professionals; however, there are different requirements depending on the harm level claimed.
  • You must provide government identification that proves you are a member of a First Nation. Check the Claim Form for a list of approved IDs.
  • If you do not have any government-issued identification, you must complete the Sworn/Affirmed Declaration that is witnessed and signed by a Guarantor. Please see Part 4 of the Claim Form for more information.

You must use the Individual Claim Form.

Representative Claims

There are certain cases where a personal representative might apply on behalf of an individual for individual compensation and Specified Injuries (if applicable). These include:

  • A person under disability;
  • A minor child;
  • Deceased Individual Class Members who passed away on or after November 20, 2017.

You may use the Representative Claim Form for applying in any of the cases. A minor child may be included on the Band Council Confirmation list if your First Nation chooses to submit a list. However, if the claim includes Specified Injuries, a Representative Claim Form must be submitted.

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Step 3: Submitting Your Claim

There are several options for submitting your claim based on how you choose to complete the Claim Form.

Please note:

    • Claim Forms with incomplete information will lead to delays in processing time.
    • Claim Forms must be submitted to the Administrator by March 7, 2023.

Step 4: Awaiting Compensation Payment

After you submit your claim, the Administrator will get in touch to confirm they’ve received your claim. If you have questions at any point, you can call toll-free at 1-833-252-4220.

All individual compensation payments will be made after the closing of the claims period (March 7, 2023) and will begin in mid-2023.

Compensation will depend on the total amount of funding available and number of eligible claims received.

Payments will be made by cheque or direct deposit. You can indicate your preference on the Claim Form.

If your address changes after you have submitted your Claim Form, please make sure you contact the Administrator toll-free at 1-833-252-4220 and give us your new address!

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